Banner blindness and how to fight against it!

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People stop perceiving ads in general.

I will tell you something now

You often watch TV at home, a good movie that will appeal to you. You focus on what you see on TV. Nothing else. This is a great time when different companies want to advertise their products.

Your movie will be interrupted by multiple ads. You either follow them, or you think it’s the right time to go to the toilet, eat, drink cola etc.

Your movie is just over, watching the final headlines with background music. You still feel the emotion you experienced while watching this movie. For a few seconds, you’ll be thinking about the main character and the story that’s been going on.

Now tell me what you saw in the ad that interrupted the movie? Do you remember it? How many products did you remember? Can you tell me their order? How many times have you said during the ad that this is a great product and I will buy it tomorrow?

I expect that not even once.


You walk through the shopping mall and somebody gave in your hand an advertising flyer. He interrupts you and wants to put something in your hand. You take the flyer from gratitude and throw it a few meters from there into the basket.


During morning coffee you read the morning news on your computer, cell phone or tablet. It’s your ritual and you like it. Then an ad pop-up or an aggressive online banner that blinks on all sides will interrupt you.

How do you feel? It will get you mad. He interrupted your ritual. You just want to drink coffee, read the article that interests you, and keep going.


Against an ad that tries to disturb you, you stay blind. It becomes invisible to you.

Why is that so?

We’re swept up with information. We will concentrate only on what we want. Everything that interrupts you from a particular task, you try to remove from your mind. You do not see it.

In the future, the ad has 2 paths:

1. It will become part of the natural content that interests you at the moment.

2. It will only be shown if you are just thinking about the product.

You will remain forever blind to advertising that will distract you from your focus on another subject.

How to make an online banner?

If you use aggressive online banners that should interrupt people, it will be the same. People will remain blind.

Make banners that will be part of content where your target audience is. Those who are not aggressive. But vice versa, which are comfortable and make the place on the Internet even nicer than if it was without them.

>> Do not use the dominant, flashing elements.

>> Do not use lots of text and content. No one will read it. Trust me!

>> Use an attractive animation to explain your service, or product.

>> Take great care of the content, the text, and who and what you want to say.


Always keep in mind. If you will produce online ad banners, do not try to disturb at all costs. No one likes it.


I’d be glad, if you will write down a comment, which banners you like and why. You can add a link from any source. I gladly look at it. Thank you.

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Autor: CEO Topbanners, Ondrej Cirbus

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