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Banner creator or banner maker, is primarily a good business.

If I had invented a banner creator that would rely on our know how with a working monthly subscription that is not dependent on the work of our graphic designers, I would go into it.

These are well made money!

Regarding banner creator, you are selling monthly subscriptions. Your monthly income is not dependent on the work of people. How many subscriptions you sell, you will make a profit. Banner creator is an application that is invented and works independently from employees.

Our advertising banners are made by top-notch graphic designers and marketers. For each individual company they are custom made. People are doing it. We are restricted by people. We can not employ 100 people because we will lose quality. And we have no reach for so many clients.

I can employ 10-15 people who are perfectly ready and are working every day to create advertising banners. They are thinking, discussing, dealing with our clients personally.

Well, believe me, it is not that good business as banner creator, or banner maker.

Our business is limited

Well, though, I’m happy. Because we are doing a great job. Every day we learn. We get to know the market, the reactions of people on the Internet that is changing every week.

Advertising on the Internet is changing and very quickly. Just Google publishes 50 new rules and restrictions for online advertising banners every year.

Today people perceive advertising banners totally differently than a few years ago. Changing your potential clients’ behavior is incredible.

We are doing our job honestly and with quality. For fair money. We never become wealthy people. But we will become a team of people who will perfectly understand online advertising and advertising banners.

I understand the companies, which are running banner creator, respectivelly banner maker. It is a great business. Much better business then Topbanners. But the quality of the banners are low. It is not working.

Banner creator let you work with a graphical program very easily. Saving the text, photos on places, where you choose. You don’t need to have knowledge how to use a difficult graphics software.

But be aware!

Banner creators won’t teach you, how an advertising banner should look like. How it is working, which main message it should share to be sucessfull. It won’t tell you, how to reach out to your potential clients.

And there is a big difference between Topbanners and Banner creator. If nobody will tell you, what should be the goal of your banner campaign and which main message to use, it will never work.


If I find a way to combine our know-how in creating advertising banners with a monthly subscription that is not dependent on my people’s work, I’ll do it.

Because banner creator, respectivelly banner maker, it’s first and foremost a good business. Not a service!

What do you think about that?



Autor: CEO Topbanners, Ondrej Cirbus

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