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I will write what are the best HTML5 banner ads on the internet for me.

Until I begin I will explain very quickly what HTML5 banner is. It’s an animated banner that you can see in different parts of the screen. So, if you surf the internet. On computers, laptops, mobiles, etc.

Flash banners were once in. Apple never liked them and did not allow them to be displayed on their devices. Flash was obsolete and gradually was dying. Nails in the coffin embedded him Mozzila and Chrome, which also stopped showing Flash.

Sometimes an ad banner is really annoying. I am not even surprised. If the ad banner does not say anything to anyone, it just flashes annoyingly and chases us in any movement, you start to want to drop your laptop out of the window.

But the ad banner can be also comfortable, functional and interesting. Not because you love to watch ad banners but because it helps you get to the product (service) you are looking for.

And intuitively, without any aggression or increased blood pressure.

Best HTML5 Banners

This time I choose these 5. They have something similar.

  • They are custom made. No template. Great designers.
  • Each HTML5 banner is a mini story about the product or service it promotes.
  • It is understandable. Short, but effective texts (important!).
  • It’s comfortable, you don’t have a headache from them. Vice versa. You will gladly look at a nice animation that wants to whisper something useful to you.



I’d be glad, if you will write down a comment, which banners you like and why. You can add a link from any source. I gladly look at it. Thank you.

If you want to read, how Topbanners are creating advertising banners, I recommend this article.



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