• Design of advertising banners. Which one is the best?

    This topic is discussed on various forums. Which ad banner design works? Which colours do I have to use? What kind of images should I choose to make the banner look good? But no one is solving the content! The most important thing regarding your advertising banners. If you see on an online banner a message, that […] Continue

  • Are custom advertising banners important for an online campaign?

    Why are custom advertising banners important for an online campaing? So imagine this. For weeks and days, you are solving your product’s advertising strategy for the coming months. You have the great product you want to sell. This product can actually become a big hit. It has good quality and for a good price. You […] Continue

  • Banner creator vs. Topbanners

    Banner creator or banner maker, is primarily a good business. If I had invented a banner creator that would rely on our know how with a working monthly subscription that is not dependent on the work of our graphic designers, I would go into it. These are well made money! Regarding banner creator, you are […] Continue

  • What could cause the design and content of advertising banners? Case study.

    When I firstly asked a marketing agency for creation of advertising banners for my companies, I was dissapointed. It was too expensive and the quality did not match the tenth of what I paid. Why? To get the best ad banners for your business, you need to hire experienced graphic designers and marketers who know how to prepare […] Continue

  • What banner sizes with HTML5 should you definitely use?

    What banner sizes with HTML5 should you definitely use?  In order to come with the same heights like conventional banner sizes, you should follow the compatibility. In theory, we can make any height or width, but this is not convenient for testing. Basically our customers may choose the option: 1) BASIC package – 8 of […] Continue

  • How can your business benefit from the HTML5 Ads?

    The CEO of  theTopbanners Mr. Ondrej Cirbus is answering not only about HTML5 🙂 Lets talk about in general first. We have asked the question many times. What is your biggest challenge as a business? Your answer is quite often “getting more customers.” But the true answer is usually something like “serving my customers better […] Continue

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