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Ondrej is the CEO of the company TopBanners that provides ad banners for the entire world. Banners that work!

Based on his long-time entrepreneurial experience, he decided to found a graphic studio specifically focused on coming up with the best online graphic banners. Our banners meet some certain characteristics to be successful. The internet is flooded by millions of flashing images that are ineffective and don’t work. If you invest a few thousand dollars in an advertising campaign, would you like it to fail just because of bad banner ads?


Chief Designer

Patrik was at Topbanners`s inception and eventually became Chief Designer. He is an absolute expert in creating banners and animations. He has a real prowess to manifest your vision. He created more than 500 designs and animated more than 2,000 banners for companies across the globe for their online advertising campaigns. He will prepare the most powerful banners on the market for you with the rest of our talented graphic designers.



You need to comply with certain best practices for more effective banner ads for Google AdWords, RTB and other networks. Some of those are the most effective banner ad sizes, hierarchy, design, dimensions, codes, etc. Peter is an expert on these banner ads. His technical skills are a great asset to the company and it is mostly thanks to him we can create banners for virtually any place on the Internet.


Office manager

We need our designers to fully focus on their work down to the last hour and that’s what Katka does best. She’s also great on the creative front. When you get your banners or videos on time, for the agreed price and precisely meeting your requirements, remember to thank her. Also feel free to address Katka with any request.

Each day, we create banner ads that pay off and give you the maximum return on your investment.

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