Are custom advertising banners important for an online campaign?

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Why are custom advertising banners important for an online campaing?

So imagine this.

For weeks and days, you are solving your product’s advertising strategy for the coming months. You have the great product you want to sell. This product can actually become a big hit. It has good quality and for a good price.

You will find a way, how to introduce this product to the world. You put a lot of money into online ads. To Google. To social networks. You will pay the money to internet portals that will give you space for your texts and banners. You will pay your affiliate partners to promote your product through text and banners.

You have prepared everything. The last thing you have to do is to write short ad texts and ad banners that will sell your product.

The last article in your chain. Write short ad texts and suggest a design for your banners.

Do you know how it turns out?

90% of business owners don’t give a shit on the banners and sales texts. Graphics and content that are used for banners are made by themselves in primitive graphics programs.

Or they assign a role to their accountants, programmers, merchants, other employee to do so.

Remember how I was telling a story about my client who spent $ 5,000 every 21 days?

If you set up an advertising campaign for your company, product, service, the last article in the entire chain will be a brief information that will try to attract people to your site.

A short message you’ll share in advertising, on your social media, on your web site, on other ad stations on the Internet.

What you say with text, you will emphasize with design, and how you motivate people to click on your ad will decide of the traffic to your sales website and ultimately on the success of your product or service.

If you have a great product / service, you will create a trusted ad campaign, and shit on custom advertising banners, advertising message that is the last piece of your ad campaign … you are just out of unluck.


Do you think advertising banners are important in your advertising campaign? You can write down your opinion to the comments.



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