What could cause the design and content of advertising banners? Case study.

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When I firstly asked a marketing agency for creation of advertising banners for my companies, I was dissapointed.

It was too expensive and the quality did not match the tenth of what I paid. Why?

To get the best ad banners for your business, you need to hire experienced graphic designers and marketers who know how to prepare your ad content.

But in any top marketing agency, no experienced marketers or excellent graphic designers will pay attention to your banners.

Unfortunatelly :(.

The best people in the advertising agencies deal with much bigger orders. Large projects for 10,000 and 100,000 euros. That’s true.

Your online ad banners will be made by „junior graphic designer“ who has no experience with advertising and online ad banners. An order for couple of hundreds euros.

Don’t trust that your ad banners will be prepared by experienced people. A marketing specialist in cooperation with excellent copywriter and graphic designer.

Unfortunately, that’s it. This is my experience.

My online ad banners for my companies never worked. Small font, lot of content and text, large amount of graphic elements and colours. Not a clear “message”.

So I started to make them on my own

You know, if you are spending thousands of euros monthly on PPC advertisment, you need very good online ad banners.

My client once called me:

„Hi Ondrej, I paid on one website space for my ad banners. I am paying 5000 USD for 3 weeks. And it is not working!“

I was asking him: „Who was creating your advertising banners? He replied: „My employee, who is helping me withing the company regarding the support (calling the clients..).

„So you are paying every 3 weeks 5000 USD for online ads space and your banners are prepared by your „support“ boy? Without experiences? Probably by using cheap software like “banner creator” ??? Unbelievable!“

This is how the businessmen lose their money.

They will never find out, what is the potential of their service or the product, if the last element in the chain – ad banner will be completely defraud.

We made our client ad banners for 399 USD. Their success was 350% higher than the previous ones.

Short case study

If someone clicked on his banners 5,000 times a month, they clicked 17 500 times on new banners. And only people who really cared about our client’s services. Good, is not it?

If your conversion rate on your website is 5%, that means you get 250 orders from 5,000 website visitors.

But from 17,500 visits you get 875 orders. The difference is 625 orders per month!

You already know the value of your order. If only 20 euros, you have just raised your profit by 12,500 euros per month! Your cost was a one-time 399 USD for online banner ads that work!

Our client was happy and we are still working on various projects today.


Is it worth to make bespoke online advertising banners, or you will do them yourself through the “banner creator”? We can discuss it here.



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