Design of advertising banners. Which one is the best?

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This topic is discussed on various forums. Which ad banner design works? Which colours do I have to use? What kind of images should I choose to make the banner look good?

But no one is solving the content! The most important thing regarding your advertising banners.

If you see on an online banner a message, that tonight at your favorite restaurant will be a 50% discount for dinner for 2 people what will you do?

You will be pleased. You call a friend, wife, or girlfriend, if they will not go there with you.

Will you be interested in colour?

On the banner ad is placed one single information. Very clear and concise.

  • Dinner with 50% discount for 2 persons
  • 1st of September, 2017
  • Your favorite restaurant, Apolo

This is information that has a high value for you. Because you like this restaurant. The ad banner is shown to the right people. Restaurant targets its advertising banners on their guests.


I’m not saying that design is not important

It is. Design is closely related to content. Well, if you make the most beautiful design in the world and insert bad content into the banner, you will have a big problem.

On the other hand, if you do not make the most beautiful design on this planet, but you’ll get really great ad banner content, it’s likely to work. And good.

This is the most common problem with ad banners online. Content. Entrepreneurs, respectively advertising agencies tend to put as much unintentional information into a small advertising banner.

Because they think everything is important and the potential client has to learn about all our benefits. Wrong!

Sometimes I really wonder why so few people understand it. Most of the time I am angry if such a demand for an unnecessarily long and unintentional text comes from a professional advertising agency. This only confirms my words that I wrote here.


If you decide to do a banner yourself and use a banner creator to create a primitive design, do not make the content wrong. Because all your money will go out of the window.

Think about your business. Think about your ad campaign. Who do you want to reach? What is the purpose of your ad campaign? Ask the right questions.

A simple example

You are a manufacturer of socks. You’ve invented the perfect fabric where the foot is sweating 90% less than normal socks. Because you’ve been able to combine cotton with synthetic and other new add-on fabric so that the sock absorbs most sweat from your foot.

Socks are produced in all possible sizes. For women and also for men. Even for children. You paint them with modern and ecological colors. Even in up to 20 color combinations.

You have been using the reinforced material on the foot, so the sock lasts longer and you do not have to buy new ones after each wearing. A really great, eco-friendly product.

What do you place in an ad banner?

  • Socks with a perfect ratio of cotton, synthetics and new fabrics where the foot is sweating 90% less than usual.
  • With hardened material on the foot for better resistance.
  • Up to 20 color variants.
  • Eco-friendly colors!
  • For men, women but also children.
  • The best socks in the market.
  • Buy them

Who do you want to sell this product?

Children, women, man? People who like different colour combinations? People who choose organic products? People who‘s feet are sweating?

You’ve invented a great product, so do not make it wrong now. Find your potential customer and prepare content that can’t be refused!

If you use the texts I described above, for 95% it will never work for you. You wrote there too much information. Everything from that is great stuff, but not into a banner. No one will read it. It is not clear who are you talking to. Who did you really want to reach?

Even if I have a problem with sweating of my feet, such a banner will never impress me.

Try this

Your customer is a man, woman, or even a child who’s feet are sweating. Sweat causes bad smell. Do you have a similar problem? There are many people who have a problem because of the bad smell of feet.

So type in this ad:

  • Are your feet stinking?
  • They won’t anymore.
  • If so, we will refund you money.
  • Our socks are taking out the smell.
  • Buy them

What do you think? Will it work? If it will be read by people who have a problem with their stinky feet, will they be impressed by such banner? Of course, yes. They will press the Buy button to order a full box of your socks.


And if you combine it with a great design, you have a first-class advertising and banner campaign that will work for you for a long time.


What do you think about it? I’m looking forward to your feedback.




Autor: CEO Topbanners, Ondrej Cirbus


  • Good article. It’s true. People think the banner needs only nice colors and photos. Well, it also needs great content, exciting design and show it to the right people.

    Thank you for the article. You are experts in this. Good luck!

  • Many thanks for this usefull article. I have to change my content, as the current one via banner creator is not working. You guys rock, thanks again!

  • Great article. Our advertising campaign is not working. So we will use your advice. Thanks.

  • Great article!
    We are about to create our own HTML5 banners and ads now internally in our marketing department and are grateful for every input and advice that we can get. This was very helpful!

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