HTML5 animation

Human brain is designed to notice moving objects. And it’s thanks to this reflex animated banners do such a great job in captivating users and creating desire for your products or services. When it comes to HTML5 banners, we’re one of the most innovative companies in the world! HTML5 or GIF banners are the most effective ad banners. They share more information, get more visibility and overall work better than mere static images.

  • Robert Drucker, Head of Real Estate

    The guys from Topbanners solved my problem that I had for years. I could not find quality graphic designers who would make professional banners for my clients. I am happy with our cooperation. Now I can offer my clients a top-level service and help them to sell real estates across the country. Thank you. Real Estate Banners  >>

  • Jana Satory, Media Strategy

    Topbanners are not just graphic designers who draw something without thinking. But they are also marketing specialists, copywriters and talented graphic designers. Therefore, my only role is to tell them my idea and they will cook in their kitchen everything tailored for my clients. From content, graphics, animation. Great job! Your loyal client.

  • Michael Janovich, Senior Strategist

    Communication is what I value the most. I have a problem if someone does not communicate with me. If I wait for the final result for too long without feedback. Business is very fast and I do not have weeks of time and months to create ad banners for my campaigns. Topbanners communicate and work quickly. My banners are the most beautiful that I ever had and it put my business once again on a level higher. Thank you!

  • Stephan Kroc, Digital Marketing

    HTML5 banners for Google Adwords work great. Our banner campaigns have much better results than they once were. For this I thank Topbanners. They know what works and what does not work at all. I have been with you for two years now and I believe I will be for a long time

  • Ivan Cholkov, CEO

    If someone follows the trends what kind of banner works and what does not work at all, it’s Topbanners. I made banners for Google Adwords, Facebook, Youtube video banner. Everything works very well. It’s a professional job, and my company’s presentation looks 10 times better than before. My clients praise it, so that’s the most I could get.

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